About Us


Worldbridge Automobile Co., Ltd. in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Worldbridge Automobile Co., Ltd. classified as Truck Dealers, Spare Parts, Importers...

About Us

General Information

Worldbridge Auto is the company that imports the ideal machinery for agricultural and infrastructural sectors. We identify the need of consumers on quality products that’s the reason Worldbridge is set up. We are provided the exclusive rights to import by Forland Company, specialized trucks manufacturer based in China.

Our Cooperation

We are a member of Vestal Holdings, a business development company that focuses on the Cambodian business scene. Vestal Holdings has a variety of companies which include D´Furniture, TTP Glass, Heng Lieng Investment Group Inc, Worldbridge Auto and CDN Petroleum . Under the strong leadership of HL Group we desire to expand our products across the country, providing commercial vehicles of all kinds to the Cambodian market.


We have professional manufacturer of small, medium and heavy-duty trucks. Our products ranges include dump trucks, tractors, village to village trucks, and Home Containers.


Our goal is to provide customer care and committed to do it even after sales we have our technical service on maintenance, and repairing on body and parts.

We have professional fixed man who have been trained and practiced in China where manufacturer is, and will serve our customers in an efficient and good manner.


“To establish ourselves as the premier company of choice in the industry in terms of market share and customer satisfaction”.


“Committed to solving the industry’s needs by providing the best-in-class products on a national basis”.

Payment Term

Worldbridge provides competitive interest rates, equity financing, flexible down payments, monthly and seasonal payment terms. There are convenient payment alternatives vital to cash flow and other purchasing. The Rates of installment is based on product price.